Sunday, March 1, 2015

Book Marked: Saddled Up And Hard Bound

Red Feather will soon have the second children's book based on his life in print. The first work, also by Linda Whittington Hurst was a fusion of stories about him and his famous father by the same name. It included stories rooted in the history of the wild Colonial Spanish mustangs of Corolla.

This book will focus on his life here with us.

Bonnie Gruenberg's spectacular book, "The Wild Horse Dilemma" recently hit the market. It is the best book that will ever be written about the wild horses of the Atlantic. This scholarly book is nearly 600 pages long. Their are several pictures of our some of our herd of formerly wild Corollas and Shacklefords and many references to our program and citations to this blog.

Croatoan will soon have a beautiful children's book coming out. Written and illustrated by Kay Kerr it looks at life through the eyes of the original stallion in our offsite breeding program. The old stallion passed away last fall, but this book and his descendants yet to be born will keep his memory alive. (In fact, I just got back from the horse lot checking to see if he has a little grandchild out there--not yet, but close enough so I am going back to check when I finish this post).

The first book written about our program was my book, "And A Little child Shall Lead Them: Learning From Wild Horses and Small Children". It has been around for a while and a few copies are still out there.

To my eye, the best thing that has ever been written about our program is Margaret Matray's long feature in the Virginian Pilot, "Teens Work Through The Pain By Taming Horses." She is a masterful writer and one of the best story tellers that I have ever encountered. Here is a link to that article-- .

Of course, there was an episode of the tv show 'Wild About Animals" filmed at our horse lot that was beautifully filmed and dead on accurate.  I am looking forward to David Grant coming up this spring to film an episode of "Horse Tails."

All of this media attention is vital to our efforts. The problem is that I know two things that very few others know:

1. The Corollas teeter on the brink of extinction.
2. We still have time to save them.

These books, articles and tv shows help get this secret out.

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