Thursday, June 7, 2012

And Some of Them Don't Look Bad In Pictures

Jacob and Jordan have always done great job at getting their AIHR and HOA horses out in front of the public. Here they are on a big regional trail ride on the eastern shore.

The horses love the ocean and the kids do not mind it either. Jacob is on Uncle Harley, a former HOA National Pleasure Trail Horse of the Year, who was bred by Tom Norush. Jordan is riding her great Paint mare, Mia, that she and I got going solid under saddle. Both Jacob and Jordan are solid horse trainers who have helped me conduct training clinics in three states.

They have both ridden fifty miles in a day on several occasions. Jacob is not old enough to drive and Jordan could order off of the children's menu but a short while ago.

They do a great job of showing what these horses can do.

They do a great job of showing what kids can do.

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