Monday, June 4, 2012

And My Legs Were Covered in Hair

In recent weeks I have made nearly no posts on the blog and those that are posted do not have the same feel that past posts have had. I am strangely, inexplicably tired. Lately I find it very hard to walk fifty yards with a fifty pound bag of mineral on my shoulder. If things break right I am going to go to the doctor this week.

Of course I have a lot of reasons to be tired. Taking care of the horses would be a full time job but for the fact that I already have one. I prosecute all crimes against kids, by kids, and within families. I also handle all crimes of sexual assault and crimes in which the victims have mental retardation. The last six months have been intense. Murder of a baby, murder of a father and step mother, bank robbery--these crimes make one tired from working. The molestation cases are exhausting in their essence. They cause one to feel a very strong need to go directly to bed after work. Sometimes just feeding up at night seems to demand more energy than I can muster.

I have thought a lot about potential causes and solutions but nothing solid came to mind until this weekend. As I was getting dressed I noticed that there was hair on my legs.

When one rides as much as I have for years past hair is not able to grow a midst the friction of jeans and boots. I have been riding so little and so slowly with novices that that friction is gone.

My lack of energy has had collateral effects. Tradewind has grown dangerously obese. He is insulin resistant and can eat nothing but hay, no grass at all. He needs heavy riding to maintain his health.

So, apparently, do I. Yesterday I had a good hour of good movement on Tradewind. Last night I slept sounder than I have in months. This morning I feel less muscle pain than I have in months.

If everything else works on schedule this morning he and I will hit the woods hard again before court. I doubt that a doctor will be able to give me a shot that will fix me up, but I strongly suspect that if Tradewind gets this hair off of my legs I will feel like moving again.

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