Saturday, November 14, 2009

She Did It

Today Emily took Lucy, our hinny, into the woods for pretty much the entire afternoon without incident. Every gait, every stop, every turn was as if she had been doing it all her life. She took the mud, the water, and even took the lead ahead of the other horses.

She is already what Lido would call a very fine 'quine.

There were other huge accomplishments today but that will be the subject of a later post.


virginagirl said...

Today was a happy, good day. I love it that we had to discuss whether or not Lucy actually qualified as a 'Quine...

The Stevensons said...

Wish I could have been there. Good job Emily. I'm really impressed!

Simrat said...

That's a very fine looking 'quine. I love spotted longears. What's her breeding?

Steve Edwards said...

We do not know and I fear will never know what her father was. Obviously her mother was mammoth jenny. She is the only large hinny that I have ever seen around here.

Anonymous said...

I originally gave Lucy to Lulu Eure as she graciously provided a home for her when I didn't have the land and my father couldn't afford to ride her being unpredictable. When he bought her from a guy in Pageland, SC you couldn't even touch her as she was afraid...he worked with her until she let you pet her and put a halter on her. we sent her to a trainer but he didn't see Lucy as fit to ride unless you were willing to be tossed at times. I'm so glad that Lucy has a home and is being used!! She is originally from Alabama and her lady owner had to sell her due to her husband being sick. I'm not sure of the stud, but I will try and find out. YEAH FOR LUCY!!
York, S.C.