Monday, January 5, 2009

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

The funeral was Saturday night and the church could not come close to seating the crowd. It was the most people that I had ever seen at a funeral at Bethany Church. Daddy and Joseph played "Old Rugged Cross." Trish did a song as did Amanda and I. Rebecca closed out the music with a moving song in which she accompanied herself on the piano.
I spoke for a while then the floor was opened for others to speak. Many of my little riders spoke and I was proud of everyone of them. Terry and Lisa were behind the idea of getting plaque made in honor of Lido and it is beautiful. Rebecca's mother put together something special to remember Lido by. In fact she made two, one for me and one for the Little House.
On Sunday Lido's ashes were scattered around the woods and farm that he loved. On that same Sunday, my grandson, Aiden, mounted Wind in His Hair and rode deep into the woods with Brent and me. It was Aiden's first ride in the woods. We were out for about an hour. Aiden will turn 4 next summer. He will spend his early years riding over the same trails that Lido rode.
No, of course it will not be the same. But it will be something very important--continuity.

(Here is Aiden on Croatoan at a Clinic when he was about 18 months old)

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Anonymous said...

The service was very nice. Lido will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts.