Monday, February 21, 2022

Riding With Focus--Dr Andrew Huberman

Some of the most important knowledge that a rider can ever gain comes from sources that have nothing to do with riding, per se. In recent months I have stumbled into the study of the workings of the brain and its wide-ranging effects on behavior and belief. 

 I have always understood that when I focused my vision and my attention on the place that I wanted my horse to go the horse always responded much better than if I was looking somewhere else or if, although looking in the right spot, I was not focused with concentration on that spot. It is hard to teach adults to ride using intense visual focus and it is much more difficult to teach the practice to kids.

One of my problems is that it is hard to teach a concept that one does not understand. 

I think that I might be beginning to understand what is going on with this practice. I am not going to risk muddying the water by giving my thoughts on the matter. Instead, I urge everyone to do what I have done--study the work of Dr. Andrew Huberman of Stanford concerning the brain, eyesight, and a range of other issues that impact human health and behavior. 

He works hard at a goal that I find to be tremendously important. As he says at the beginning of each pod cast, his goal is to provide peer reviewed science in a way that is both free and understandable to the general public.

He achieves that goal with every video and podcast.

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