Sunday, February 7, 2021

Creating Silvopasture

App. fifteen acres of mixed woodlot last harvested in 1966, hard work from program participants, great work from our local Boy Scout Troop, enthusiastic work from our local Girl Scouts, several chain saws and no heavy equipment--with the work done over two winters....and we are nearly finished with the clearing of the land!

We left the larger pines, coppiced the wild blueberries and sourwoods, and took down over 300 hundred fairly strait logs of maple, pine, and various oaks, which will be used for pole based construction projects.

This project, when completed will increase the area available for livestock use by nearly 1/3.

Take a good look at the top picture. Look in the back. That is where the brush and limbs went--into the longest continuous brush piles that I have ever seen. We are not just making better land use for our livestock we are creating special habitat for wild rabbits and quail.

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