Sunday, May 26, 2019

What If We Put Together a Mill Swamp Colonial Spanish Horse Endurance Team?

This October there will be an endurance race close by. Years ago we took five horses to a race in New Jersey and won four of the top ten spots (search this blog for the posts about that race)

Would likely be good publicity for our breed conservation program and for all Colonial Spanish Horses.--Would be hard work--would require putting together a team of riders willing to commit themselves to at least three training rides a week through out the summer.

It would require me to put the hours in the saddle that my body needs--a very good thing--would cause me to loose significant weight and radically improve my health--would do the same thing for all of the riders who participate (unless they did not need to loose any weight)--would be wonderful for the health of the horses that we chose for the team

A team riding great horses with tremendous endurance including Hickory Wind (Marsh Tacky), Joey and Manny, (Choctaws), Swimmer, (Banker from Corolla), Holland (Banker from Shackleford), Long Knife (Banker from Corolla), Janie (high percentage Grand Canyon) Peter Maxwell and Red Fox (each 1/2 Corolla) would be a beautiful thing to behold.

Would love to include Mandy on Pancho but riders under 18 can't ride stallions--Luckily we have a few other horses that she could ride.

This could be a great thing to work and train for--not to win a trophy, but simply to show people another reason that it would be so very wrong to allow these horses to go extinct

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