Sunday, May 13, 2018

Summer Friday Program for Kids At Mill Swamp Indian Horses

We will expand our Friday program over the summer to include two, six session semesters of a unique educational and recreational program for students across Tidewater. Each session will begin at 8:00 and conclude at 12:00. Students will receive an introduction to riding and natural horsemanship, but that is only the beginning of the Mill Swamp Experience.
Participants will be introduced to some of the rarest historic American horses in the nation and take part in the care and training of horses that we raise in our Corolla Breed Conservation Program. They will be introduced to equine genetics and natural horse care. They will learn to understand horses and to take the first steps in building a solid relationship with a horse using gentle, effective, humane training techniques.

Along with our breed conservation program for such historic horses as the Choctaws, Marsh Tackys, Spanish Mustangs, Corollas, Shacklefords, and Grand Canyons, we also raise and conserve nearly extinct strains of heritage breed goats, turkeys and Ossabaw hogs. Participants will assist in the care of these animals and will learn how they fit into the history of Colonial Agriculture. 

And speaking of history, participants will be exposed to early colonial gardening and cooking in our replicated 1650's era farm site, with an introduction to the lives of the Powhatan people who farmed, hunted and fished within a few miles of our pastures.

We even take a little time to introduce participants to historic American folk, gospel, and blues music. Participants will get some hands on sessions with instruments that they likely have never seen before including lap dulcimers, autoharps and the wash tub base. 

And nothing that we do is more important than introducing participants to permaculture practices to conserve soil and water through construction of swales, hugelkulter mounds, and microbial farming in a completely organic setting

The first session will be held on Friday June 15,22,29 and July 6, 13, and 20. The second session will be held Friday July 27 and August 3, 10, 17,24 and 31. Participants must be at least 8 years old. The cost is $120.00 for a family of up to three participants with an additional $20.00 per child for the entire session for over three participants per session. Participants may be left on site prior to 8:00 am and picked up at 12:00.

Space is limited. Remember we are a 501 (c) 5 Breed Conservation Program with no paid staff, only a small group of hard working volunteers committed to preserving historic horses and livestock while providing solid educational opportunities for program participants.  For more information about our program see For further registration information contact us at

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