Monday, December 18, 2017

Enjoy This Christmas Season With Us

If you have never visited Smithfield Va you have no idea what you are missing--especially this time of the year. The history, the water, the architecture, the shopping--and now, on Thursday Dec 21 two free screenings of Krista Rutherford's great film, "America's Forgotten Horses."

Although she is not old enough to vote, Krista Rutherford has twice been recognized by the Horse of the Americas Registry for her work to promote and preserve the wild horses of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She is shown above in a shot from a few years ago with her adopted, formerly wild Corolla filly, Katalina. She has promoted these horses from the round pen to the halls of Congress.

This film focuses on the efforts to preserve several strains of nearly extinct Colonial Spanish horses. Beautifully filmed, informative, and inspiring--the film will be presented for two free viewings this Thursday December 21 at at 2:00 and 4:00 pm at the Smithfield Center 220 North Church Street, Smithfield Va 23430.

Come early, spend the day at our great shops and restaurants and join us for the screening.

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Dianne W said...

Has she considered putting it on Youtube? Being several hundred miles away, I cannot make it to Smithfield.

Steve Edwards said...

Dianne--it will be distributed in many forms over the next year