Monday, October 23, 2017

There Is Something Very Special About Choctaws

We work hard to preserve and promote the Banker strain of Colonial Spanish Horses and they are, without a doubt,spectacular horses, but there is something very special about the Choctaw strain of these horses.

One could begin with their athleticism and were I thirty years younger that would be where my inquiry would. Simply put,they can run forever and that is all many young people need to have in a horse. Were I thirty years younger perhaps I would be taken by their simple natural beauty. The beauty of their pinto patterns are only rivaled in the horse world by the Chincoteagues. Were I thirty years younger, with small children learning to ride, I would be taken by their sweet natures and near perfect temperament.

But I am not thirty years younger. I am becoming old and speed and beauty are of much less significance than they once were. It is the beauty that cannot be seen that draws me to a particular horse.

Joey exemplifies that beauty more than any horse that I have ever had. He shows that beauty to those who need to see it most. I have never seen a horse that reaches out to people who are suffering the way that he does. No horse makes the connection with veterans in the PTSD program the way that he does. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

Seeing Joey in the ring with a child who has suffered severe abuse and trauma is something that I cannot describe, nor will I even try.

He soothes. Imagine seeing that term in a horse advertisement--"Healing prospect--beautiful soother!"

And if you don't know us do not read this with the false idea that I am some kind of touchy-feely, anthropomorphizing sissy. Take a look at Joey below. He has way too much dignity to be hauling someone like that through the mud, water, briars, and heavy, heavy mileage.