Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Work Horses

The highest and best use of a horse is not competition. The highest and best use for horse is the same as the highest and best use for a human, service to others. The photograph above is of several horses that are the core of a natural horsemanship program being developed at a Teen Challenge in Arkansas. The horse in front is the daughter of my Spanish Mustang, Ta Sunka Witco. Ta sunka Witco is the Lakota name for Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse had one daughter, They Are Afraid of Her. The dun mare leading the charge is named, They are Afraid of Her. She is followed close by Shoshone, a young Mustang mare from the Virginia City range.

They are Afraid of Her is halter trained and has had a saddle. Shoshone has been ridden many miles in the woods. We donated both horses to Teen Challenge, a highly successful substance abuse rehabilitation program for young people. The program is developing a natural horsemanship component to its treatment program.

To restore a life with a horse is infinitely more meaningful than to win a ribbon with that same horse.

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