Friday, September 19, 2008

A quiet Horseman

Manteo was the first wild Corolla stallion that I had ever seen and Jordan was the first person who ever sat on his back. As soon as she got the fundamentals of riding down pat I realized that she could take most of my horses in the woods. When she was about nine I got a call concerning a young Paint mare for sale. The mare once had a reputation as a bad one, quick with a hoof or a bite.
She soon became Jordan's horse and she and I broke her to saddle last summer. They make a striking contrast to the rest of my operation. Jordan, one of my smallest riders rides her horse Mia, one of our largest horses, at over 14 hands.
People that do not understand what beauty really is should spend time watching a skilled young rider handle a horse. Watching Jordan and Mia canter up the path is one of the most beautiful things that one will ever see.
Tomorrow my riders and I will take on an especially difficult challenge. Jordan has trained hard all summer for this very special day. On our last big training ride she received an injury that will keep her out of the saddle in the morning. She will not ride in the morning but she will ride hard for many years to come. And one day, after she becomes too old to order from the children's menu, if your find yourself with a horse with a bad reputation, who is quick with a hoof or a bite, call Jordan. She will be able to fix your horse.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, I took a look at the HOA site and saw the posting of your team and the ride. Wow, wish I could have been there.

I think it is great what you do for the horses and children. God is so happy with what you are doing.

Is the Paint mare the one you worked with at your class when Ann and I had visited? You had called on a little perky girl, is that Jordan?
How I wish I lived near you and Beth, this old lady would be bugging the heck out of you to learn how to train the horses.

Great work Steve and kids, what they tackled was no easy feat. Loads of pats on the back to you,the kids,and Rebecca.

Thanks Rebecca for taking and showing the pictures.

God Bless You.

Steve Edwards said...

Yes that little girl was Jordan, but the horse used in that clinic was not her horse Mia. I just saw the pictures for the first time and I think that Rebecca did a great job with those shots.