Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Point of Personal Privilege

"In parliamentary procedure, a motion to raise a question of privilege is a privileged motion that permits a request related to the rights and privileges of the assembly or any of its members to be brought up."

It is technical, often misused, and rarely understood, but there is a very good reason that in matters of parliamentary procedure a point of personal privilege takes precedence over  nearly other motion that could be placed on the floor.

It is true in life also.

This morning I realized that it is time for me to rise to make a point of personal privilege regarding our program and my role in it.

I hit bottom around 5:30 yesterday.  We have made some tremendous improvements in our program in recent months. The most significant is bringing our irrigation system on line while clearing nearly twenty acres of new pasture. We have worked hard to build a very special fence around much of the new land. We have developed significant soil and water conservation projects at the horse lot  and formalized a home school program that is a unique educational opportunity for young people.

We will continue to grow and improve what we do, but for the first time we have reached the point of being instead of the point of becoming. We no longer will be, now we, finally, are. 

And over the last seven months getting here has worn me out.

Clearing land, doing so much of the feeding and fence repair, writing for fundraising, and developing new programs and special events, with a pesky couple of broken ribs complicating matters, have caused me to spend less time in the saddle in the last half a year than any other such time period for the last fifteen years.

The result is predictable. My weight has skyrocketed. Movements that use to be mildly uncomfortable have become intensely painful. Two weeks ago I trotted for about nine miles and was absolutely worn out.

I did not expect for that to be the case until I was at least seventy.

I am only fifty seven.

As I left the horse lot yesterday I found a severed fitting on a hose that was causing water to spew through the woods. I need to walk back and turn the water off.

I could not do it. Had to go home, eat and rest for an hour before I could take care of that simple task.

This morning when I could not get all the way awake after drinking nearly a pot of coffee, I decided that it was time for me to rise to make a point of personal privilege.

And in accordance with said motion it is hereby resolved, in the strongest terms possible, that effective this date, I shall ride.

I will ride in the morning. I will ride on many nights,
I will ride in the heat of August. I will ride in the cold of February.

I will ride young, half broken horses. I will ride old, trail worn horses.
I will ride when the dust is heavy. I will ride when the mud is deep.

I will ride with small children. I will ride with adults.
I will ride when there is work to do. I will ride  when all of the work is done. 

I will ride when I have time to. I will ride when I do not have time to. 

And be it further resolved that when I am not riding I will be playing music. 

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