Sunday, December 13, 2015

Well Anchored: Strong Horses, Stronger Girls

When young people are given the opportunity to test themselves with horses, physically and emotionally they generally find that they are stronger than they think. They are nearly always stronger than our culture gives them credit for.

Most importantly, they learn that when they need to be strong they can be.

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George W said...

I takes neither strength nor character to mash the button on a game controller....nor do such activities develop these traits.

I friend of mine said last year that I was the only horse crazy teen girl with a beard she had ever met.
I took that as a great compliment...I know some horse crazy teen girls..most of them are much more impressive than the average person you meet.

This phenomenon is not just limited to younger ladies...I love it when we can get mom..and dad(!) into the round pen to work a horse...this is not Narnia, or Wonderland...the magic works for adults too. How kany have come out with their kids or grandkids and wound up working a horse just the same way? More than they expected...and less than I wanted, but still how many folks get to say they work work horses with their kids? -Lloyd