Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Wild Horses Of Corolla Need You To Step Back

Keep Your Hands off The Wild Horses

It takes no skill to touch many of the wild horses of Corolla. Touching one of these horses no more demonstrates one's horsemanship than a fan catching a home run ball from a seat deep in the stadium demonstrates his ability to play center field for the Mets.

It is even worse if the person making the contact has solid horse skills and goes on to relax the horse into allowing a person to rub across his back or even feed him. The horse whisperer that achieves this tremendous feat can go home with pictures to prove his prowess, even with wild horses. But the horse stays there on the beach, less wary of humans and much more likely to allow a truly malevolent person to get close. Equally bad the horse will now allow the person who knows nothing about horses but that they like lumps of sugar to feed entire five pound bags of sugar to the horses.

Sugar Daddy tourist goes home with cute pictures. The horse stays on the beach, crippled with founder or maybe dead from colic.

Sugar Daddy had no idea. Mr. Horse Whisperer never thought it through that far.

The buzzards appreciate their efforts and enjoy the fruits of all their good intentions.

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Steve Edwards said...

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