Thursday, December 24, 2015

An Easy Order To Fill

Not much with numbers--ages change annually and weight changes daily
--yesterday always remains a long time ago--today is easy to remember--
Christmas Eve--my birthday and five days before Lido died, dies, will die--
same way each year

Day is getting longer now--
four times today I have ridden past where he died on December 29, 2008
--mud hole isn't deep there now--it was then--very warm just like today--
hit the brakes hard on the truck-jumped out to get a shot a a deer
-only one arm worked the other one was of little use from cerebral palsy-
gun went off as he pulled it from the truck--
he was seventeen

Was five years old when he came to the house along with his two sisters, Shelly and Stephanie and his brother John-
the last family that Momma and Daddy adopted--
I was in my thirties--
spent every moment that he could with me, riding, hunting, working horses--
and that was all it ever took to make him happy--
"we going to snack store? you got you check book?"

"What we goin' do today?"
"What we goin' do today?"


Anonymous said...

Christmas time has to be bittersweet. Hope you have a good Christmas and New Year. Hang in there - you ARE doing the right thing! Just think of all the young people whose lives you have changed.

George W said...

So much accomplished by, because of, and in the memory of one so young.

Just imagine everything which has been built and all the lives improved because of his indomitable spirit...