Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back To A Good Place To Start

Yesterday I rode hard for two days in a row. It has been months since that has happened two days in a row. A series of events have conspired to cut my riding time down to nearly nothing. The consequences have been real. I am in worse physical shape than I have been in since I was wiped out one summer with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Perhaps that is coming to an end. This morning, barring problems at the horse lot, I will once again ride hard before work. Rebecca will be moving back to Virginia in a few weeks and we will begin conditioning her horse and all of the Choctaws for covering some heavy ground.

All those who think that one cannot run away from their problems have never sought to do so on a Choctaw. Riding Joey hard is like being on a clipper ship--smooth, fast, and silent.

Last summer KC and Ashley kept me permanently sleep deprived from going out and playing music night after night. It might have been the best summer of my life. Seems like a very long time ago now.

But, things permitting, I think that I might go over to Cozzy's tonight and do a few songs.

It is ok to get knocked back to the starting line sometime--as long as the starting line is at a good place.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Steve. Have missed your blog past few months! Hopefully, you will be "tuned up" & back in shape soon. I know it takes longer now than it did a few(!) years ago. But how lucky you are to have your horses help!