Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Always Darkest Before The Dawn

It is February 25. Normally by February 25 I am in pretty good shape. We can't ride as hard during deer season, so from November 1 through early January we can't hit the woods as hard. I begin getting back in shape when deer season ends. Generally January has a bit of rough weather but I still get a chance to ride hard.

This January and February the weather has prevented heavy miles of riding and my body is telling--triglycerides doubled, a bit of weight gain, horrible time sleeping, much more joint pain and stiffness.

But there is a positive side. When I can start cantering five miles each morning I know that I will be much healthier. I know that I will feel better and I know that every aspect of my life will be better.

Makes it a lot easier to find time for that five mile canter before work.

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