Sunday, November 8, 2009

And Waiting In the On Deck Circle....

In the last month we have started three horses that had never been ridden without a single buck. We are starting horses so easily that it does not seem realistic. Rain in The Face, Crazy Bear, and Roxie are all being ridden in the round pen as if they have been under saddle for years. Ice is being ridden in the woods.

Coming up soon we will complete the starting of Lucy, our rare young hinny who is seen in the picture above. She is also seen regularly in the nightmares of all of the Mrs. Drysdales of the world who wake up shrieking in horror from dreaming that they find themselves competing in a high level dressage competition--on Lucy.

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The Stevensons said...

Hopefully I'll be strong enough to take her in the woods for her first ride! Although I won't be sad if I'm not.