Sunday, February 11, 2018

Washani Coming To Virginia

There is the kind of excitement going around the horse lot that usually only comes up when a foal is born. On February 24 this beautiful mare will be making the trip from Texas to join our program. I am delighted to have such a high percentage Huasteca strain horse in our program. When one throws in 50% Choctaw lineage and the body type of a Banker , it is hard to imagine breeding that would fit better in our program.

When she arrives I will likely have the New Land in good enough condition to be able to give her the same type of intense daily training that I gave to Sally last summer. I am looking forward to that. Washani has been under saddle but has not been ridden in a while. I am looking forward to bringing out the best in her.

This will be a wonderful addition to our program.

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Pioneer Mama said...

Hi, where in Texas is she coming from? ~Jennifer