Sunday, February 18, 2018

Our Trees--Another Effort to Grow and Teach

Update for those of you who have been out of town--much has been accomplished in the last week.

Nearly a hundred ash poles have been cut for wattle fencing--it is ready to drag out and move to the settler's farm.

The Teller family has set up a small green house for us to start plants for the Colonial garden in. Jake and Amanda, of Browder's Fresh Pickin's, have donated a large number of starting trays and pots. We can use them for many things, including having MSIH Mimosa trees, MSIH persimmon trees, MSIH wild grapes, MSIH sycamore trees and even MSIH Mulberry trees for sale---all trees that we start only from trees on our land and only started in our pesticide and herbicide free soil.

Plants that we do not sell can be produced to be set out all over our property to improve the soil and create tons of soft mast for livestock feed and wild life habitat. Our permaculture and biological farming techniques are really beginning to pay off. This week I was shoveling a bit of soil on the top of a hugelkulture mound and every single shovel full of dirt but one contained at least one earth worm!

I love art that does work. I love beauty that educates.

And I love to create soil that gives us that art and beauty

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