Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Picky Pigs?

The Ossabaw hogs differ from modern factory farmed hogs in ways that I did not expect. Of course, they taste better than modern hogs. They are smaller than modern hogs. They seem to be much better mothers of their little ones than are modern hogs.Their babies seem much stronger at 24 hours old than modern hogs.

These heritage breed hogs are from Georgia. Their ancestors likely came from the Canary Islands and were brought here by early Spanish explorers and settlers. They are part of our breed conservation/educational mission. We not only preserve and  demonstrate the horses that one would have found here in 1650 we also have the hogs and the goats that would have been found here, all living in and around our replicated 1650's era farm site.

I am surprised at their appetites. They do not get excited over corn or peanuts. They love sweet potatoes (and really grow well off of them)

The thing that surprises me is how much they like hay. This fall I want to buy up as much peanut vine hay as I can. I think that they will love it.

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George W said...

stake of a plot and stick some sweet potato sets in come spring...then just hot wire fence it of and let it grow over....come fall, turn the pigs on it and let em self fatten...could also stick some peanuts in...