Saturday, January 6, 2018

Guest Post--Home School Program Leads to New Off Site Breeding Center

(This is why we work so hard to introduce our horses to those who are not part of the established horse world. Another Corolla offsite breeding program was the result of this family's immersion in what we do. They now own Swimmer (black Corolla mare) who is bred to Tradewind (bay Corolla Stallion, 2011 HOA National Pleasure Trail Horse of The Year, who remains with us and is a vital part of our breeding program and Matchcoor (bay Shackleford mother and bay Corolla father) Matchcoor will provide nearly extinct genetics to be used for Corolla preservation for the rest of his life. Swimmer can be bred to him in the future and her unborn foal can be bred to him if she has a filly and if she has a colt it can be bred to many of the mares in our breeding program. The Banker Colonial Spanish mustang is the state horse of North Carolina. Their ancestors came to America nearly 100 years before the English landed at Jamestown. If we can establish a breeding site, even ones with only one mare, each year for the next twenty years they will continue to survive. If we fail to do so the future of this historic strain of Colonial Spanish horses is quite bleak. To learn more see our website at We are a 501 (c) 5 non profit breed conservation program with no paid staff. We are all volunteers who work hard to raise yesterday's horses for tomorrow's riders.)  The post below says it all:

"My daughter and I talked and decided to start bringing 2 of my homeschooled granddaughters to the ranch at the beginning of the year for the homeschool program. We were sweaty, cold, dirty, exhilarated, educated beyond belief, and surrounded by camaraderie , friends and fun is what we all experienced.

The girls absorbed so much passion and knowledge that my husband and I bought a 20 acre farm and have graciously entered into the Mill Swamp Indian Horse Farm breeding program to help save these amazing horses. We adopted Swimmer (now pregnant) and Matchcoor (7 month old foal). They are AMAZING and we have all bonded quickly. We still respect their upbringing, but with Matchcoor’s personality, you cannot help but treat him like a pet. He is loving, curious, craves constant attention, and plays with our dogs every morning.

Steve’s program is priceless! His knowledge is SO huge that we absorb a great deal of information about land preservation, training horses, riding practice, and respect for wild horses and other animals. We learn about all of the heritage endangered breeds and what it takes to care for them. Even though the program is mainly based on horses, Steve makes sure that all students are introduced to all breeds of animals and agriculture throughout the farm weekly.

Kierstyn (9 yo old): “I recommend Mr. Steve’s horse ranch because it is an amazing experience. You learn a lot and make lots of friends with a common interest. We have adopted 2 horses and are raising them the way Steve has taught us. I think everyone should visit Mill Swamp Indian Horses ranch and Steve.”

Janee (11 yo old): “This is an experience I will never forget. I had so much fun making friends and meeting new people. I love the bonding time with all of the animals, especially the horses. I loved training the horses and gaining their confidence and being able to know the horses have gained trust and I am an important part of their lives. I love Matchcoor and Swimmer with all of my heart and would not give them up for all of the world!”

Lynne Peacock

Janee Sellers

Kierstyn Sellers

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful program - bringing people with no experience with horses in and exposing them to these fantastic animals - giving them the skills to learn & handle & care for these animals - absolutely nothing like it!
Keep up the great work, Steve!