Monday, April 3, 2017

Our Homeschool Program: Bringing Kids To The Horses

We recently began a formal program that is bringing a lot of families out to the horse lot. There they learn about our nearly extinct Corollas, Shacklefords, Choctaws, Galiceno, and Marsh Tackys. We are a breed conservation program and for years our focus in conservation has been simple--The best way to save Colonial Spanish Horses is to teach a kid to ride one.

In order to place our horses in their proper historical perspective we also raise types of goats, hogs, and chickens that would have been found herein 1650. (Our turkeys are warm and friendly, and are a big hit with visotrs but they were developed in the 19th century.)

Permaculture,, soil and water conservation, history, and even music are used both to fulfill our mission as an educational and cultural facility and to draw families to the horse lot in order to promote and preserve these horses.

Here is what one mother had to say about our weekly program for home schoolers:

"At the farm, we learn so much and Steve Edwards takes us on a rabbit trail of learning. His volunteer staff has been groomed by him throughout the years and they bring special talents and personalities to the mix, making them extraordinary mentors and examples to the children. Our kids learn about the logistics of a farm, anything from agriculture, to soil health, colonial era animal breeds, breeding, history, feedings, how to train a wild horse, to horse whispering, cultivating the land, to building a horse fence and participating in everything and anything the land offers. There are many projects on the land that families can do together to create a sense of ownership on the farm. Oh! and you learn to tack, ride a horse, bond with a horse, care for a horse and converse with a horse. The horses provide therapy to anyone that steps foot on Moonlight Dr. They are the friendliest horses on earth. A life changing experience for all skill levels, to include ground zero. Come on out and get a farm education, the experience will last forever. A horse is waiting to change your life."  --Kelly Lindquist

Contact us at for more information.

And you can be part of this effort. Go to our website and make a contribution today. We are a 501 (c) 5 non-profit breed conservation program and as such contributions are not tax deductible. We are in our first month long social media fundraising effort. Feel free to share this with everyone that you know who cares about horses and people.

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SM Simplifier said...

This is amazing. I am part of 3 or 4 homeschool groups in Williamsburg. I would love to bring a group over on a field trip - sent you an email