Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Urgency Of The Situation

I ride several first rate horses. Some have advantages over the others. Holland is a Shackleford, touch over 13 hands. We took him to one endurance race up in New Jersey--left a lot of Anglo-Arab and Arabian owners with big trailers with their jaws hanging open. He can fly. His endurance is beyond imagination.

All of those things are wonderful for a young person, but the older I get the more comfort matters. Heaviest snow that we have had around here in years-needed to knock off a few miles, needed a horse that could find the ground without being able to see it--twenty degrees and I have a broken rib that is bothersome, particularly when we pick up a bit of speed.

Holland pranced so sweetly this morning-sashaying though the deep snow-went wherever I looked--no jerking or pulling around. It just felt so wonderful--cool comfort...frozen fields...soft snow

Did hurt a bit when I got off--got in the truck delighted with my super horse.....and as I put the truck in gear on the icy path the numbers struck me--barely over 100 left in the wild-only a handful ridden domestically--nearly gone.

And then I got angry. They have been here for 500 years.

We simply do not have the right to allow them to go extinct.

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