Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Corolla Foals Will be Coming This Spring and Summer

And one of the best ones is likely to be the offspring of Edward Teach, shown above, and Monique, a Choctaw mare and granddaughter of Rooster, a stunning wild stallion from Black Jack mountain.

Edward had already been in a veterinary hospital for two weeks when he arrived at Mill Swamp Indian Horses. As the picture shows, even after two weeks of treatment, the wound that he received in the wild, (likely from a wild hog)was horrific. As the top picture shows, he healed wonderfully. He belongs to two of my adult riders. We healed him, tamed him and trained him. He is a beautiful stallion. You may have seen a segment on Wild About Animals in which he was prominently featured.

Edward has produced one foal, Ashley Edwards' great horse, Peter Maxwell, who is often used in Road To Repair programs. Peter has Edward's sharp mind and gentle spirit.

Bonnie Gruenberg's spectacular research uncovered written references to American Indian tribal horses, specifically the Chickasaws, being bred into the the Banker horses such as those remaining in Corolla in the 17th Century. By using straight Choctaw mares in the Corolla Off site breeding program we are not crossing modern blood into these horses. We are restoring what has been lost. While at the same time producing the perfect family horse--gentle, sweet natured, extraordinary endurance, and smooth , easy gaits.

I expect the foal to be born in June or July. At weaning age its price will be $1,500.00 and as it ages and is trained the price will increase. If you want to be part of the effort to prevent the extinction of these historic horses you can place a deposit down now to reserve a 2017 foal.

We will likely have several foals born to the program this summer.

It is going to be a great year. For more information send us an email at and check out our website at We are a 501 (c) 5 breed conservation non profit organization.

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