Sunday, January 8, 2017

And They Are So Very Alive

No, don't get me wrong about this. They already brought a lot to the table before they ever touched a Colonial Spanish horse. The Marbles, the Barr's, Elise's siblings and cousins, Jen, and Rebecca--all started out active--moving, thinking, running, creating, singing, doing .....

But the horses seem to have polished that zeal and really made it shine. Yesterday I found the weather too wretched to be outside. I cannot tell you what a rare experience that is for me. Staying inside makes my mind and my body feel quite ill. I despise the feeling.

But yesterday I preferred that feeling to being out in the wind and snow.

Jen and Elise did not feel that way. Jen is about to take a bareback ride on Manteo, a formerly wild Corolla stallion.  Elise is there with her horse, Sparrow Hawk, a Marsh Tacky/Kentucky Mountain Horse that she trained to saddle without my assistance.

And they are very alive.

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