Saturday, December 10, 2016

And I Had Nothing To Do With It!

Cold yesterday--cut trees for hours--really stiff and sore when I got in--checking computer before I ate and then....

I saw this picture that came to me as a complete surprise. I had no idea that she had progressed this far. This is Elise on her horse, Sparrow Hawk. I have done no training of this horse. I have given Elise minimal training suggestions. I am sure that Lydia and Jen have helped out and given suggestions.

But Elise did this. This is her victory.

There are few things more emotionally satisfying than taking a horse that wants absolutely nothing to do with you and turning it into your friend. One of those things is to encourage a person to develop the skill , knowledge and confidence to take that road.

Daddy once told someone who asked about my techniques to teach kids to ride and he told them that I do not teach kids to ride. He said that riding is like swimming. You are born knowing how to do it and that all that I do is to give kids the confidence to ride.

I could not agree more.

Emily Marble once told me that I do not give instruction. I just give inspiration.

Again, I could not agree more.

I have trained many horses. I have seen thousands of pictures of me with horses that I have trained. I am very pleased to be able to look at many of those pictures knowing that I made it happen.

But none of those pictures are as satisfying to me as seeing this one of Elise on her horse. The satisfaction comes from knowing that I was not the one who made it happen. I was just the one who made it possible.

And that feels good. 

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