Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Small Breeding Band Of Your Own

This is the time to become involved in preventing the extinction of the Corolla Colonial Spanish Mustangs. The Corolla off site breeding program works to provide sufficient genetic diversity to our foundation herd of formerly wild Corolla horses. We do so by bringing in other closely related strains of Colonial Spanish horses such as Choctaws and Marsh Tackys. Our Shackleford line is of the same strain as the Corollas but comes from a different island and allows for the injection of intra strain diversity.

No modern horses are used in the breeding program.

Next summer we will have several foals born. You can reserve a foal now and we can even discuss providing a stallion and mare to you to allow you to become a satellite breeding program.

We are a nonprofit breed conservation program. As such we have no interest in making money off of the sale of these horses.

If you want to become and active participant in this effort send an email to for more information.

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