Saturday, June 4, 2016

Opening The Box: Education At Mill Swamp Indian Horses

Riding is only a part of the experience at Mill Swamp Indian Horses. We ride, we train, we breed, we perform, we teach, we learn, we heal, and we grow. We are a non profit 501 (c) 5 organization dedicated to preventing the extinction of the Corolla Colonial Spanish mustang and the promotion and preservation of other rare strains of Colonial Spanish Horses.

We are all volunteers with no paid staff.

I am especially pleased with our role as an educational facility--everything from the field trips for youth groups, to training demonstrations, to living history portrayals, to our replica 1650's era farm site, to our early colonial livestock, to our music program--and perhaps most of all to our informal lectures and discussions. This week we had a program on the different strains of Colonial Spanish Horses and Lloyd gave a great presentation on permaculture and his recent trip to Polyface Farm.

In a few weeks Gene Gwaltney will coming out to present a sample of the historic artifacts that he has found over a life time of closely hunting the fields and woods near our horse lot. He has the largest collection of local Indian artifacts of which I am aware. Gene's presentations are great. He will be doing another demonstration in a few weeks. Keep your eyes open for the date and time.

You are all invited to come and join us.

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George W said...

I have drawn a parallel between what we do here with what Polface does.. They produce pork, chicken, beef.. Rabit.. Etc.. We produce whole people and great horses. Both farms do it slowly, and locally, neither farm will compromise their core tenets for any price. Both farms irritate the daylights out of the establishments surrounding them.
Both are a beacon of light in the darkness...

Good times amd good people.