Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Blood of Red Feather

The small horse above is my Red Feather, the son of the famous wild Corolla stallion also known as Red Feather. He was the greatest athlete with whom I have ever shared a round pen. The other Corolla is another son of the famous Red Feather. Stitch is a pure Corolla stallion who is on loan to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund where he will serve as an ambassador horse for the CWHF.

This colt is the son of Stitch and the grandson of Croatoan. He is available for placement now through the offsite breeding program. He will turn a year old this summer. He must be maintained as a stallion and always be available for breeding to mares that are in the offsite breeding program. He is as gentle as a kitten and training him to saddle in a few more years should be a very simple step.

We will soon pick up a daughter of the famous Red Feather for use in the breeding program. All of these closely related Corollas will be bred to Shacklefords and Choctaws to prevent genetic collapse and bring back lost genetics that have drifted from the Corollas over the years.

If you want to be part of preserving what might be America's oldest and rarest distinct genetic grouping of horses, Poncho, the little colt shown above could be the perfect beginning of your own satellite offsite breeding program. There is no catch here. We are a non profit. We are all volunteers with no paid staff. We aren't trying to franchise what we do.

We are simply seeking out people who care about history, horses and preservation of these nearly extinct horses to join us in developing more breeding programs.

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