Sunday, December 20, 2015

This is a test. I hope that it will grow into something useful.

My big girls are doing a great job training horses. This is Jan riding Ta Sunka in the woods last spring. Another crop offirst rate trainers is coming along behind. Emily W. Is really doing a first rate job training Belle, our little gaited mule. Emily H. Is doing amazing work with Mozelle. Chris is working hard with Zee, but she is a tougher nut to crack. Hughis doing really solid work with Monique. And Lloyd has our little Grand Canyon stallion, Scoundrel Days, ready to go into the woods.

This is my first night of dictating blog posts. So far it is tedious and I realize that there is not a profound thought posted here.

But one must learn somewhere.

I hope I become efficient using this thing. I have an outline for new book in my head the details how our program works. It's very important to me that other operations across the country see how easy it is to do what we do. The main purpose of this book will be to show exactly that.

Eventually I will be able to talk and this thing just as I do anytime that I step up to a podium. I'm not there yet. But I think it does show great potential in helping  to make composition more efficient.

My first book was dictated. But it was dictated in a very unusual manner. I recorded my thoughts and then turn the tapes over to a court reporter. The court reporter sent the text back to me and I edited them. This technology will knock out the middleman for me.

Another factor that is coming into play in the general in insipid nature of this post is that it is nearing my bedtime and I rarely have a profound thought after 6:30 in the morning.

So perhaps we shall see how this works when I wake up in the morning.


George W said...

Trying to teach Scoundrel to type...but it is slow going. -Lloyd

DianneW said...

I am glad to see that you are planning a book about the nuts and bolts operation of your program. I wish you speed in getting it accomplished.