Wednesday, December 2, 2015

S'pose Volume II

Just s'pose, say within the next three years, we assembled a team of Colonial Spanish Horses--- al from right here in our horse lot---Choctaws, Corollas, Shacklefords, Grand Canyons, Brislawns, and some blm and blm crosses and were able to pull up into competitive endurance races and unload ten or twelve horses and riders.....

....and do very, very well in those races

......with many of the horses ridden by kids and and few even ridden by old people

.......sure would make it hard to ignore what these horses can do.

(Here is Elise on Twister. I think that I hear a finishing line calling them both)

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George W said...

I require little but a fast horse and a star to steer him by....with apologies to John Masefield. now, pretty much of everybod who has been on a horse and liked it has seen or heard of Hidalgo....or seen the Mongol Derby happen...

Did they think it was fiction?
“If you don’t catch an Indian Pony in the first two miles,” General Crook is reputed to have said, “then give up the chase, because they’ll run a hundred miles in a day and be fresh to do it again come morning.”

So many things said in history must he taken with a grain...or pound...of salt...
It is refreshing to find one which rings true.

I strongly suspect that if our horses are allowed to do as they do without too much in the way of unacceptable rules spun by the establishment we shall do quite well.

I draw a firm line at shoes....