Sunday, December 27, 2015

I Was Young On This Mountain and Now I Am Old

And I am enjoying old much better than the young was. Today JK and her husband, Joe brought their little boy out to the horse lot.  I had not met him before--highly impressive--great stage presence, incredible charisma.

 Jk was just out of law school when she came to Franklin to be a public defender. She was in juvenile court representing the people that I prosecuted.No matter how sharp one is, or how prestigious the law school one attends, the reality is that when one graduates from law school one knows nothing about how to try a case. I taught her to be a first rate trial lawyer and she became one of the closest friends that I have ever had.

And the day Lido died she and Rebecca carried me to the horse lot to see Ghost Dance after things settled down.

This picture is her with Samson years ago. She is one of the few people to have ever ridden Red Feather and she completed our program's first long ride--46 miles, more than I had ever done at that time in one day.

She works and lives a couple of hours away but I think that that little boy will be making the trip down right often.

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