Friday, December 11, 2015

For The Long Haul: Riding for Life

This picture is from about fifty years ago. That is me on my first pony, Tanka, when I was four or five years old--I started riding when I was two. Daddy trained Tanka to lay down beside the well so I could get on his back. This is the well behind the Little House

I am getting ready to head back out to the Little House this morning. I will be working with Persa, a mare born wild on Shackleford. My youngest rider training with me today will be about 7 years old.

In two weeks I turn 56. Right now I am riding 75-100 miles each week.

If working horses and playing music matter to you, you can have at least two things to do throughout your entire life.

Don't look at your calendar--look at your watch--its time for you to mount up

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George W said...

What watch? That time never changes.