Monday, December 14, 2015

And Now You Are invited To Come and Particpate In Our Program for a Great Weekend

Spend a long weekend with the nearly extinct Spanish mustangs at Mill Swamp Indian Horses. Bring the family out for a total immersion in Mill Swamp's unique program to preserve and promote such rare strains of historic Colonial Spanish horses as the Corollas, Shacklefords, Choctaws, Marsh Tackys, Grand Canyons, and Galicenos. Participants will take a hands on approach in caring for and training these horses--what an introduction to humane natural horse care and natural horsemanship!

Unlike other "trail ride" tourist excursions this is an opportunity to participate in the nuts and bolts of the various facets of our program. If you have always wanted your family to experience what it is like to develop a real relationship with a horse this could be the best chance that you will ever have.

We want as many families as possible to participate and for that reason the cost is only $580.00 for a family of four and only $400.00 for an individual. Meals and lodging are not included, but here is a link to historic Smithfield Virginia's attractions.

Programming runs from Friday morning at 9:00 am until Sunday afternoon at 4:00. This unique opportunity will run only from the first Friday in May until the end of October. We intend to book no more than one family and one individual per weekend so that everyone gets individual attention.

For further information contact us by email at See our web site at and check out our Mill Swamp Indian Horses group facebook page; and while you are at it take a look over our blog Mill Swamp Indian Horse Views

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George W said...

The ear to ear grins on the faces of your kids...and you...make this trip a great bargain. -Lloyd