Thursday, November 26, 2015

Getting Things Straight

A lot of young people depend on me so I have to make sure that I am getting things straight...and I have to do that while keeping in mind that there is much less value in what I say than in what I do...

And what I do must have meaning if it is going to successfully teach anything that matters. What I do must teach them that..

in a world of selfies one must learn to care more for others than for one's self.
in a world of greed one must learn to give.
in a world of hate one must learn to love.
in a world of anger one must learn to always control one's emotions.
in a world of drunkenness and drug abuse one must learn to stay bone cold sober.
in a world of dank ugliness  one must learn to find beauty.
in a world of emptiness one must learn to find meaning.
in a world of now one must learn to understand what was and to have hope for what can be.
in a world of whim and fad one must learn to find timeless truth. and;
in a world of pain one must learn to heal others.

However, nothing makes teaching these lessons easier than working with the horses--especially the wild ones, especially those who have had serious injuries and take months of care to heal, especially those who one must come to understand before one can put a saddle on him and...

especially those horses that treat one better than one really deserves.

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Anonymous said...

As always, Steve, great article! The thoughts that certainly are not heard much nowadays. Remember the Golden Rule? Apparently not many do!
And yes, being around horses, does so much for all of us who love them.