Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And Thus it Was Written....

Some spectacular children's books have been written about about two Corolla horses who came to live at Mill Swamp Indian Horses. These horses, Red Feather and Croatoan, became part of our program to help prevent the extinction of the Corollas. Kay Kerr's book on Croatoan has the bet art work that I have ever seen in a children's book and "Red Feather Goes to School" is an innovative way to introduce very young children to natural horsemanship.

Kay Kerr has been invited to the Equus Film Festival in New York for a book signing and I think that she will also have with her my book, "And a Little child Shall Lead Them: Learning From Wild Horses and Little Children" and Linda W. Hurst new Red Feather book.

All of the books may be ordered through our website at

Look for more media announcements coming down the road. Perhaps another film from Rebecca Stevenson is in the works.

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