Saturday, August 15, 2015

Striving After The Wind: The Foolish Quest For Power

Last Monday night was the most contented that I have been on stage in many, many years. I did not have to select songs, keep lyrics tight in my mind, or try to keep people in time and at the correct volume by signaling with my eyes. I was able to relax and play along with some very good musicians. Being able to play without having to coach at the same time was purely simple fun.

Several years ago I lost all interest in trying to control others. I never argue. People are free to agree with me, disagree with me, or carry themselves on away--but there will be no arguing. I do not argue. I find it profoundly undignified.

 I wish everyone felt that way. The root of all dissension and discord is not in a belief, it is in seeking to force others to adhere to that belief.

As much as I love playing music with younger  kids, performing without all the other responsibilities is wonderful.  Over the years I have worked with several young people who understand the importance what  we do at our horse lot. As the years go on I hope that they will take more and more of a role in running our program.

I look forward to being able to one day simply being able to be on the stage of our program instead of having to administer it.

That will be fun.

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