Sunday, August 2, 2015

Houghton College Sends Us A Spectacular Intern

Things often do not go as well as I hope them to and things nearly never exceed my hopes. Our intern, Cassandra Crego, is the exception. She came here both with solid knowledge of horses and a thirst to learn more. She sure handles horses better than I did when I was her age. She is doing a much better job can I could have ever hoped her to.

She handles horses wonderfully and handles kids equally well. Like a lot of my big girls, she is centered and has a faith that shapes every aspect of her life.

This summer has been a summer of firsts for her including her:

first ride on a wild horse
first night ride
first ride on a stallion
first ride on a stallion accompanied by other stallions
first ride on a Corolla, Shackleford, Choctaw, SMR horse, BLM horse, gaited mule
first training in an amusement park
first time playing a dulcimer
first time going to a comedy club
first time eating sushi
first time ever seeing and then eating a blizzard
first time feeding a baby goat with a bottle
first time seeing horses used to help treat veterans with PTSD
first time seeing heritage breed goats, chickens, and horses at a replica early colonial farm
first time to mount a truly untrained stallion as part of his training
first time seeing a riding program with a music and art component
first time living alone away from home

She will be with us for about two more weeks. She is going to learn to trim hooves in that time period and who knows what else.

She has the potential to run a place like ours and she has the potential to manage it on a for profit business. I want our template to continue to spread and it will be necessary for people to be able to make a living while applying our principles of horse management and instruction to continue to expand.

One person at a time--one horse at a time.


Anonymous said...

Her family is so proud of everything she is accomplishing this summer. She has learned so much and had many great experiences since she has been there. We are grateful that God led her to Mill Swamp for her internship. Thank you to everyone at Mill Swap for making her feel so welcomed and watching out for her while she had been there. As her mother I can't thank you enough for supporting her while she has been away from home. Thank you!!!

Ben Colter said...

I love the equestrian program and faculty at Houghton College! Cassandra is an awesome young lady!