Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To Sum It All Up

An Honest Slogan

Slogan--the very word hints of dishonesty, puffery, and exaggeration. The catch about creating an honest business slogan is that it must be honest and good for the business. That has caused me to reject several potential slogans:

1. Mill Swamp Indian Horses--Fighting Mindless Conformity Since 1999!
2. Mill Swamp Indian Horses--Where Even Little Sissy Boys Can Learn to Ride!
3. Mill Swamp Indian Horses--You Got a Problem With That?
4. Mill Swamp Indian Horses--Dedicated to Curing Quarter Horse-ism!
5. Mill Swamp Indian Horses--Where Young Girls Act Like Ladies and Old Women Just Act Up!
6. Mill Swamp Indian Horses--If You Squint Your Eyes Up, We Do Not Look All That Bad!
7. Mill Swamp Indian Horses--Authentic Plains Indian Barns and Stables Circa 1840!
8. Mill Swamp Indian Horses--Where Gravity Still Has Consequences!
9. Mill Swamp Indian Horses--Wild Horses, Tame Riders, and Vice-Versa!
10 Mill Swamp Indian Horses--Where All Critics of Natural Horsemanship, Natural Horse Care, Natural Hoof Care, Mustangs, Kids Training Wild Horses, Old Fat Men Riding 13 Hand Shacklefords 50 Miles In One Day, Novices Training Their Own Horses, Keeping a Herd of Corolla Colonial Spanish mustangs Wild and Free, The American Indian Horse Registry, The Horse of the Americas Registry, Nine Year Old Riders Riding Fifty Miles in 10 Hours and 21 Minutes, and the Breeding of Chincoteagues to BLM Mustangs are urged to promptly leave the property and go home and let their obese, lame, expensive horses out of the stable and actually ride them instead of pretending that grooming them is the same as loving them! (This was my personal choice but the bumper stickers with this slogan were so big that they negatively impacted gas mileage.)

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Vickie Ives said...

Love 'em! How about "Mill Swamp Indian Horses--where we are still riding the horses we rode in on."