Saturday, May 23, 2015

Some of Our Stallions: El Rosio

El Rosio is a Bacca strain Colonial Spanish horse. Long coveted for their extraordinary endurance and gentle nature, this perfect example of the Southwestern type Spanish mustang came to us after the death of Joty Bacca, who dedicated his life to preserving these extraordinary horses.

The key to his endurance is his  rare body type. He carries minimal body fat year long. His large lungs and heart are not wrapped in layers of fat that would retain body heat. Leggy and lean, his gait is smooth as glass.

In evaluating the temperament of this horse, consider that he came to us as a fifteen year old, untrained breeding stallion. In short order he was trained to ride by an adult who had never before trained a horse.

This spring we hope to breed him to Motita, a Bacca mare and Snow on Her, a Brislawn stock.

For the sake of keeping these extraordinary genetics around we would consider breeding him to an outside mares, even those of a modern breed. I think an out cross with an Arabian mare could produce a first rate horse.

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