Friday, May 29, 2015

Cycles of Life

This is a replica of a Chickee, a summer home of Choctaws and other tribes of the southeast. This is what it looked like about a year ago.

This is what it looks like right now. When the broad leaves of the sycamore trees fill out in the spring we cast them over the Chickee frame. Over the winter they dry, crinkle and blow away--just as they would if still on the tree.

And we replace them in the spring.

And eventually old horses die. And eventually new foals are born.

And eventually I will be gone from this horse lot. And eventually it will be run by one of my riders, all grown up and ready to take on the challenge.

And eventually, I will put my banjo down. And eventually, one of my grandchildren will pick it up.

And the Circle will be unbroken, bye and bye , Lord, bye and bye.

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