Friday, January 9, 2015

The Wild Horse Dilemma: Simply The Best Work On The Subject

The best book ever written about the wild horses of the east coast is now available in print. Bonnie Gruenberg's book "The Wild Horse Dilemma" will remain the premier book on these horses for the next fifty years.

While writing this book Bonnie visited our horse lot and rode with us. Though she had studied these horses for years for years she had never ridden a Banker (a Colonial Spanish mustang from the Outer Banks of North Carolina). Her discussion of riding Manteo through the woods at night is one of the best short examples of why we cannot allow these horses to go extinct.

Preservation of the Corollas must run on two tracks. Everything possible must be done to preserve the wild herd in Corolla. However, we  must also work to preserve these horses domestically. They have existed on two tracks for four hundred years, sometimes running wild, sometimes domesticated, always spectacular.

The oldest and rarest distinct genetic grouping of American horse is at Corolla.

Bonnie's great book is the gateway to understanding their history.

Go ahead and order one from Amazon before you eat breakfast.

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Bonnie U. Gruenberg, Author said...

Thanks for your kind words Steve. And thank you for your work rehabilitating the wild horses, and training children to work with them. Nobody else on earth does what you do, and I am lucky to have ridden with you!