Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Look Of A Winner

Sitting at the office--heavy trial about to happen in Circuit Court--I am getting fired up to prosecute this defendant--clearing my mind--focusing.....

And the case gets continued. Adrenalin crashes--move on to the next task---some news flashes across my computer--Tejas Indian Horse Club announces the winner of their essay contest--first prize is a young Colonial Spanish gelding--

And the winner is a wonderful young rider of mine--Chloe. This is a very lucky horse. His owner will train him with natural horsemanship. He will join our herd and Chloe's family in early December.

Do you understand how exciting this is--for Chloe?--for all of us at the horse lot?

Chloe is a first rate student--she is learning horses and she is applying what she is learning. Every one of my riders who becomes a first rate trainer share two rare traits. Each has an intense ability to focus their attention on the task at hand. And, oddly enough, even when very young all of the first rate young trainers project  a physical image of gravitas.

The other traits that they share are too rare, but not as rare as intense focus and gravitas. Those are the traits of kindness, generosity, and gentleness.

Those kids are winners--Chloe is a winner too.

(The picture above is of Chloe and Samson, one of our Corollas)


Anonymous said...

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I am awfully proud of Chloe..Not only is she a good hand with a horse, when she starts working on something, whether working with a horse, or writing an essay to win a horse, she digs in like a tick and sticks with it..That is an attribute it seems fewer and fewer people posess these days..
Congratulations, Chloe...I recall how hard you worked on that essay.
I look forward to watching you and this little horse bond. -Lloyd

Vik said...

Really going to enjoy Chloe's blog so I can keep up with her work with Max.