Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Compassion Without Action....

....does exactly the same amount of good as does cruelty. This foal died after being born with severe birth defects. It was one of the less than 110 wild Corollas still in existence. Without passage of The Corolla Wild Horse Protection Act more foals like this will be born and eventually genetic collapse will lead to sterility.

Once again the bill passed the House and was not voted on in the Senate. The big money developers, the bureaucrats, and the log rolling "conservation" groups do not have to actually go out and shoot the horses.

They can simply be patient.

Every drop of concern, compassion, and caring that is not followed up with action to secure passage of this legislation is simply wasted emotion.

The bill will go back in next year. It will sail through the House. The fight will be in the Senate again.

Be ready to fight again.

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Anonymous said...

As hard as it is to see this picture - people who refuse to understand the sad truths of allowing these horses to become genetically extinct - they need to have the results of their inaction put in the public eye! Not seeing does NOT mean the terrible sad problem does not exist. It tears me up to look at pictures like this and the pictures of horses going to slaughter, but shutting my eyes isn't going to stop it from continuing - We all have to realize this is happening.