Monday, September 22, 2014

To Give A Kid A Life

There is a constant struggle to stave off the extinction of the first horses of America  It is causing many who care about the preservation of the Colonial Spanish mustang to question the future of breeding these horses.

Many point out that breeding the horses is only part of the job. They stress that it is equally important to train the horses and to offer fully trained or well started horses to the market place. I agree, but even this does not go far enough to insure the preservation of these horses.

We must create horses and we must train them. We also must create riders and we must train them. Without a new generation of riders there is no hope for the horses. It is not brain surgery. If you understand horses and you care about kids, you can teach kids to ride.

The mustang's competition is not the Quarter Horse or the Arabian. It is the X box and the Iphone.

The best way to save the lives of the horses is to give a kid a life.

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Anonymous said...

yep, very true statement at the end. the video games are most definitely the competition.