Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Spanish Mustang Of The Southeast

When we think mustang we think Old West. Few people know that some of the best blooded Colonial Spanish horses that one will find have roots east of the Mississippi. The wild horses of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Choctaws, the Cracker Horse, and the Marsh Tackys all trace their lineage back to what was once the only horse in the southeast--the horses of the Spanish colonies.

I have never ridden a Florida Cracker and have only seen one once. My Marsh Tacky is even gentler and easier to train than my Corollas. My Choctaws have even more endurance than my Shacklefords. All are smooth gaited. All are strong. All have great hooves.

The picture above is of two stallions, Manteo born wild on Corolla and Wanchese, born wild on Shackleford. They are two of our foundation stallions for the offsite breeding program. This picture was taken on about the 18th mile of a nearly all cantering ride. Those unfamiliar with Colonial Spanish mustangs would think it impossible for horses of that size to run with such ease on such a ride with adult riders.

Yes, they are very special horses and we cannot let them go extinct.

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