Friday, September 5, 2014

Paradise In A Mudhole

"It seems like the rays of the sun out there are blessed with gold. I love seeing the pictures, they all have something really special about them. I think God shines down in a very happy way out in Mill Swamp."--Annette Baca-Gonzales (from a face book post)

"This is simply a place of love" author Doris Gwaltney  (from a conversation years ago).

"This is my favorite land." Liam Stevenson at about age three. (from a conversation with his mother).

"Ever think about how many people drive by the field path and have no idea that the place at the end of that path is the center of the lives of so many people?" KC Rodebush, (from an off hand comment a few weeks ago)

"This is where my family lives." Ashley Meyers

"Mine too." me--(from a conversation that goes on in my head nearly daily)

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Anonymous said...

I have traveled to over 30 countries in my time..I have SCUBA dived within sight of Mt.Sinai, Skied Mt Aetna, Rode bulls in Palermo, I have seen the night life of cultural centers like Barcelona, and Dubai, walked among the ruins of ancient Greece and Rome, I have seen the Pyramids at Giza, (better on TV..really) stood astride the Pillars of Heracles, and mourned the loss of the Great Library, and sailed every significant body of water in the world, with the exception of the South Seas, I have crawled out onto the statue of The Little Mermaid in Kobenhvn harbor for a picture..

There is no place on this planet I would rather be than walking among this little herd of horses and kids.

Even when the wild goose calls, as it always does, particularly for old sailors..This is home. -Lloyd